A fire at Dudfield Bryce Printers in Rotorua has caused extensive damage to the premises.

At this stage, the exact cause of the fire, which broke out on Friday afternoon, is not known. John Spring, owner of Dudfield Bryce’s parent company Beacon Group, says, “They key issue for us is that no one got hurt. It happened quickly. A staff member saw some flames upstairs and the three who were there at the time managed to evacuate the building safely. The Fire Service responded quickly to the fire as well.

Despite the fire, he says that Beacon Group will take care of Dudfield Bryce’s customers. He says, “The sister company, Mann Print & Design in Whakatane, will provide the necessary print services to our clients until we can properly assess the situation. We are working through that and other issues right now.

The company employs 13 staff at Dudfield Bryce. He says, “It is a shock to everyone involved but we will consult with our staff about the future. They have been great and we will keep them fully informed. We can see extensive fire damage throughout the building; black soot and water damage. We don’t know what is salvageable though it doesn’t look good.

“But as I said, the main thing is that no one was injured.”

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