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A regular columnist for New Zealand Printer Magazine, Dave Fellman has delivered a number of seminars to New Zealand industry sales professionals

Tickets for the Auckland Dave Fellman one-day print sales course taking place tomorrow are available until noon today.

Dave Fellman is an internationally renowned print salesman and the world’s foremost print sales trainer. Click here to buy tickets for the Auckland event.

The New Zealand sales event will be at Auckland’s Crowne Plaza tomorrow with the day starting at 9am, lunch is provided, official presentations will run to 4pm, with networking opportunities following.

Fellman is known as the most successful salesman in print, with decades of selling experience to provide the substance to his presentation, where he says he will help print sales staff get more sales.

Bruce Craig, editor of New Zealand Printer says, “Sales are the number one issue for all print businesses. There are limited opportunities for print professionals to receive world class training, this is one of them.”

Printers will learn the seven key concepts for printing sales success in today’s environment, from the man recognised as the most successful print salesman in the USA.

Fellman says, “I will help print business owners, managers and sales staff to understand the best way to approach your most important sales challenges, from finding new customers to defending your old ones against any competition.

“The programme will start with a conversation on value, from there we will move on to discuss the print sales cycle, and how to drive it as opposed to just ride it.

“I am all about practical, real-world strategy but every once in awhile I like to talk about the theory behind it.

“The final segment of our programme will cover time management and organisation – making the time to put some of this new and improved strategy to work.”

The sales training sessions are brought to you by Printer Magazines Group, the publishers of New Zealand Printer.

All participants in the one day course will qualify for a recognised certificate.

Click here to buy tickets for the Auckland event.

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