EFI has announced a new Fiery digital front end designed to drive the AccurioPress 6136 series of monochrome digital presses from Konica Minolta.

The company says that, running on the latest EFI Fiery FS300 Pro software platform, the new EFI Fiery MIC-4160 external digital front end is the first Fiery server for black-and-white print engines to launch on the new NX One server platform with Fiery QuickTouch. The company claims a 50 per cent faster speed for this new digital front end over previous generations adding that the latest Fiery Command WorkStation used with the digital front end delivers a true unified job management interface for all Fiery Driven printers including cut-sheet, wide-format, super wide format and high-speed inkjet devices.

Kevin Kern, senior vice president, business intelligence services and product planning, Konica Minolta, says, “Inplants and commercial printing businesses need greater efficiencies to streamline their monochrome high-volume production operations and this new EFI Fiery digital front end helps users get the most from their advanced AccurioPress 6136 investment

“The digital front end’s features help make users monochrome digital print workflows just as advanced as those found in high-end digital color print production.”

John Henze, vice president of Fiery marketing at EFI, says, “It not only gives users our latest production enhancements, it brings users all the efficiencies of our new NX One touchscreen display, giving users faster views of job status information and quick access to server management tools.”

EFI says that free Fiery DFE training from EFI, found at its Learning@EFI site, will give customers information to ensure they can use all the Fiery product features to the fullest extent possible.

It adds that bi-directional communication provides synchronised, real-time paper catalogue updates that can be entered from either the press or the Fiery Command WorkStation interface, bringing operational flexibility to users, along with new paper tray assignment tools. The digital front end’s Fiery QuickTouch display provides automated back-up and restore features. Optional software available with the DFE simplifies the process for creating manuals and other long documents with visual tools for tab insertion, scanning, image editing and media assignment.

The new Fiery digital front end also integrates into existing print production workflows through JDF implementation, which connects with automated estimating, scheduling, job ticketing, accounting and other processes.

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