Fastbind has released the Pureva XT, a desktop binding system using PUR and EVA glues, supplied in New Zealand through AMS, Allied Machinery Services.
Robbie van de Lisdonk, managing director at AMS, says the system suits small to medium digital printers with limited factory or shop space who want to offer books-on-demand to their clients, when they’ve previously outsourced the binding of them.
He says, “It was recently released worldwide and is proving popular. The Fastbind Pureva XT is a new versatile perfect binder system that binds soft and hard cover books up to SRA 3 size or A4 landscape.
“It is straight forward to use and comes with a fume extractor if printers don’t have one in their work space, and best of all, it’s substantially cheaper than any fully automated system.”
It also offers an option to use both PUR glue for all coated stocks and EVA glue for everything else, including stocks used in copy shops. He says, “This machine gives people options and makes it possible for anyone to take advantage of the PUR Hot Melt quality with a remarkably low investment and cost.
The machine takes two books a minute and requires no set-up times or book format adjustments. It self-adjusts for book thickness from one one thousand pages, depending on paper type. It has a maximum cover thickness of 400gsm and maximum binding thickness of up to 45mm. He adds, “The Pureva XT uses an innovative glue mechanism that is easily cleaned, while economical glue cartridges can be changed from PUR to EVA in seconds. An electronic adjustable temperature control with a single button is used when switching between glue types. Its glue applicator glides effortlessly over the book block, with almost no resistance and its large handle is low in front of the applicator to make it even easier to use.
“In addition, the new Fastbind PGO Microcut roughener opens the paper grain with very little noise and almost no paper dust, providing a cutting pattern that increases glue penetration for better binding strength.”

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