Toshiba has released its second-generation erasable toner printer, integrating the technology into a standard multi-functional printer.

It says that new features make the re-use of paper a more efficient and easy process. Toshiba says its e-Studio4508LP connects, integrates and simplifies workflows to enable users to be productive and efficient within a business environment. A customisable tablet-like user interface, gives access to the print, scan, copy, fax, and erase functions. Other claimed benefits include reduced spend associated with purchase, more storage, and less waste.

Bret Davies, general manager for Toshiba Australia and New Zealand, Toshiba Electronic Imaging Division, says, “Toshiba has recognised that staff are more environmentally conscious, but with productivity pressures, need to be able to print quickly and effortlessly without the need to be away from their desks for too long. Combining the erasable printing technology into one device makes this technology more accessible to businesses and gives users time saving benefits.”

By combining the technology with a standard monochrome multi-function printer, users have the option to print on reusable paper and erase the toner from one standalone multifunctional device, which saves working time and helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

Printing in blue toner, the erasable toner can be used on temporary documents such as e-mails or drafts. When a user has finished with a document, it can then be fed back into the printer where the toner will be removed, allowing the blank paper to be reused again.

Users can connect directly to the printer via a Cloud printing functionality. Multi station printing allows users to send print jobs from a computer and retrieve them at any printer around the business, and mobile printing gives the user flexibility to print directly from their mobile device via a Toshiba or other compatible app.

The printer can handle speeds of up to 45ppm monochrome and up to 35ppm with the erasable toner.

Toshiba lists its key features as:

  • Combined print, scan, copy, fax and erasable print functions
  • Dual scan document feed that holds 300 sheets while processing documents at a speed of up to 240 images per minute
  • Optional printing in monochrome or blue toner
  • Cloud and mobile printing
  • Optional erase unit for fast erasing up to 30ppm and sorting non-reusable from reusable paper

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