EFI has received an EDP award for best roll-to-roll textile print technology for its Vutek FabriVu 180/340.

Paul Cripps, regional vice president of sales at EFI says, “We are honoured with this recognition. It reinforces the remarkable amount of dedication and effort our research and development teams put into establishing a best-in-class technology to help our customers capture the remarkable growth seen in the soft signage market.”

Designed to help signage and display companies move into higher-value soft signage display work, the printer delivers printing resolutions up to 2400dpi. EFI says the 1.8m 3.4m models also print on transfer paper or direct-to-fabric with the same ink set. It adds that it saves labour and machine downtime when changing from transfer to direct applications, on top of the expense of discarded ink wasted when clearing ink lines.

The company says that FabriVu-printed graphics can be washed and dried without wrinkling and folded without leaving marks and reused. The lighter weight and ability to fold fabric also decreases shipping and storage costs. EFI showed the printer at this year’s PacPrint in Melbourne. 

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