EFI vice president for sales Frank Mallozzi recently toured downunder, spreading the message that printers have many opportunities to increase revenue, both from internal efficiencies and from engaging with new markets.

Mallozzi, a regular visitor to these parts, introduced Daniel Aloi as the new sales manager for EFI software and MIS. Mallozzi says, “EFI is committed to ensuring printshops are operating at optimum levels, and the way to do this and to gain tremendous efficiencies is through correct implementation of appropriate software. EFI has those solutions, in both MIS and productivity, Daniel’s role is to ensure printers are fully aware of the benefits that working with EFI will provide.”

EFI, the world’s biggest print software and MIS developer, has a range of solutions for print shops from the small copy shops to medium sized printers to the large print and packaging outfits, and including sign and display printers. Mallozzi says, “This comprehensive suite of MIS solutions now seamlessly integrates with our 25 year+ heritage of Fiery DFE leadership, resulting in productivity and efficiencies that print professionals could only once dream about.”

The company will top the $1bn revenue marker this year, which marks a stepping stone on the way to $2bn. And it will have its biggest ever stand at this year’s PacPrint17 in Melbourne which runs from May 23-26. Mallozzi says, “We have been preaching digital eco systems for years, and now printers across the world, and in particular in Australia and New Zealand, are fully on board with the benefits they can achieve through connection and optimisation. PacPrint17 will be a great opportunity for us to share the latest developments from EFI.”

The company is boosting its presence here as it believes local printers are committed to innovation and development, and it believes hardware and software aligns with emerging market demands. Mallozzi says, “As Australian and New Zealand print businesses develop, they will be in a position to benefit more and more from EFI innovation. EFI itself cannot get more sales for a printer but it can certainly optimise its activities to make them more efficient.”
EFI hardware includes label presses, fabric printers, ceramics printers, high end wide format printers with Vutek, low to medium end wide format printers amongst others

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