Since January 2021, when Currie Group and EFI announced a distribution partnership for New Zealand and Australia, the companies have confirmed their commitment to providing their customers with innovative technology as well as service and support that is second to none.

Among the solutions that they have installed across both countries, the EFI Pro 30h and EFI Pro 32r+ have proved particularly popular. New Zealand Printer spoke with Paul Whitehead, business unit manager, Sign & Display at Currie Group and Craig Paul, country manager Currie Group New Zealand, about what makes these printers ideal for the local market.

Craig says, “With exhibitions bouncing back and retail as strong as ever the Pro Series can handle all your traditional applications such as billboards, banners, signage and displays. In addition, interior décor, and non-traditional applications such as truck tarps can be produced. New Zealand is not a giant market so print and sign companies need the ability to respond to all kinds of requests for jobs and the Pro Series delivers that much needed versatility.”

Paul points out that the EFI Pro 30h & EFI Pro 32r+ offer print and signage companies a range of benefits that the market has not seen in a single solution before. He says, “The Pro Series takes all the technical knowhow from the EFI Industrial portfolio and packages it into a range of printers perfectly suited for the New Zealand market. Users benefit by way of being able to produce the whole gamut of wide format applications including multilayer, automated double siding, two up printing at sizes up to 3.2 metres utilising the already proven UV LED technology and advancements such as magnetic linear drive.”

Consistent high quality

Print quality is a significant factor for Kiwi printing and signage companies. Craig says, “Consistency is key. Being able to reproduce the same colour or quality output across a long run or over different runs is critical for brand integrity. The EFI Pro Series technology is incredibly robust and reliable and can handle small, medium, and large runs – with no compromise on quality.

“In relation to high quality printing, as suppliers, we are victims of our own success because we have helped to create an environment where sign and print companies have an expectation that digital print quality will improve with each new generation of printers, because that is what has happened. Subsequently, their clients share that expectation, and we have the capability to help them achieve that.

“It is a competitive market where sign and print companies that can’t offer good quality print will lose market share. Here, EFI has a reputation for producing high print quality. When we are talking high- end product, EFI technology is one of the few brands that is consistently mentioned. The EFI Pro Series delivers the quality that local companies need.”

The EFI Pro Series takes advantage of the research and development the company has put into its larger printers. Paul says, “The Pro Series use the same heads, ink and curing system as the VUTEk and Superwide systems meaning the quality is a match with these systems. The printer combined with the included Fiery XF controller means useability is simplified. With the correct daily maintenance uptime is maximised with minimal service intervention. Should an issue occur, Currie Group’s extensive national service is only a phone call away.”

The Pro Series also arrive at an affordable price for local companies. Paul explains, “The Pro Series capital price has been positioned very aggressively against competitors in the same segment, with the added advantage of lower running costs, thanks to a combination of ink pricing; ink yield; highly pigmented inks; and power savings.”

Return on investment

Lower running costs are part of the Pro Series advantage in delivering a solid return on investment (ROI). Craig says, “Local companies want to see a quick and healthy ROI on any purchase they make. Of course, they are looking for more. For example, they share their customers concern for our environment and they look for sustainable solutions. For Currie Group and EFI, the move to sustainability is much more than a catch phrase and we see this in the impressive sustainability features and credentials the Pro Series delivers.”

Paul details some of the features in EFI technology: “Firstly, EFI LED technology uses significantly less energy than traditional UV curing technology and Latex systems. This means that EFI LED printers require less electricity to operate, resulting in lower energy consumption.

“All inks are Greenguard Gold certified meaning the prints can be utilised in both education and hospitals. Finally, EFI LED printers are designed to work with a wide range of substrates, including those made from recycled materials. This makes them an ideal choice for local businesses looking to use eco-friendly printing materials and reduce their environmental footprint.”

Leading provider

The service and support Currie Group provides can be broken down into several key areas:

• Technical support

• Preventative maintenance • Parts and consumables

• Upgrades and retrofits

Paul says, “Currie Group is a well established, leading provider of printing equipment, consumables, and support services in New Zealand. With a reputation servicing the commercial print market, Currie Group provides comprehensive service and support to its customers to ensure that their printing equipment operates at peak performance and productivity.”

Craig adds, “For companies needing to meet deadlines, downtime is toxic. Currie Group is second to none in terms of our service and support and this is something we continuously look at, always looking to improve. Currie Group and EFI are long- term industry suppliers. We have been here for a long time, and we look for long term partners. We can do this because we provide quality print solutions.”

Paul concludes, “Currie Group is excited to bring a strong viable option for the New Zealand, Sign & Display industry.”

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