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Kavalan produces PVC-free banner materials and textiles

Taya Groups has launched the world’s first eco calculator for large format banner materials.

The new solution enables businesses to evaluate the eco savings of Kavalan PVC-free banner and textiles. It uses data based on the life cycle analysis process conducted through SGS, a leading global testing, inspection and certification company.

Stark Digital supplies Kavalan solutions in New Zealand. Dave Raos, managing director at Stark Digital says, As Taya Groups distributor here in New Zealand, using the Eco Calculator allows us to show you how much you are saving environmentally by not using PVC based equivalent product.”

SGS has conducted life cycle analyses on all the latest Kavalan products. Taya Groups says the data proves categorically that Kavalan materials provide significant eco savings. The company has 12 products available for comparison with their PVC banner and textile counterparts on the Kavalan eco calculator.

Vincent Lin, vice president, Taya Groups, says, “At Taya, we put a great deal of effort into ensuring Kavalan has outstanding environmental credentials. Furthermore, we continuously strive to make our products even more environmentally friendly. However, that is not enough. We also need to ensure businesses understand how Kavalan products can help them meet their sustainable goals. In addition, we want them to see how significant the eco savings are compared with PVC banner and textiles. So, we launched this solution for large format banner materials.”

Eco calculator for large format a “powerful tool”

The web-based eco calculator uses comparison data from five prevalent environmental impacts. These are global warming, water consumption, human carcinogens, PM2.5 (polluted particles), and fossil fuel scarcity. Users enter the chosen Kavalan product, their preferred measurement unit, and the quantity. The calculator generates the eco savings result automatically. In addition, it sends a personalised PDF to their inbox.

Kavalan distribution partners can easily access the eco calculator. Also, the personalised report is available in seven languages; English, French, German, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, and Japanese.

Lin adds, “We continue to rapidly expand our worldwide distribution network. Large format print businesses working with, or pitching to, agencies and brands have a powerful tool in the Kavalan eco calculator. It means no more lazy claims about recyclability, sustainability, or being eco-friendly. Instead, this tangibly demonstrates how it can help with crucial environmental targets, without compromising on quality.”

Raos adds, “In conclusion, let us have the opportunity to show you how this works, please give me a call on 021 620 503; email [email protected]; and visit our website

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