Last night’s massive earthquake, which has left at least two people dead, provided a grim reminder of the February 22, 2011 Canterbury quakes.
Staff and management at print, sign and packaging companies have arrived for work this morning, only to be sent home, especially in low lying areas, where tsunami warnings were put in place. The clean up after the 7.5 magnitude quake will have to wait until they can safely return.
However, in parts of Wellington where less damage occurred, business carried on as usual. Dean Oliver, production manager at Service Printers says, “We are all good here and it is business as usual. At this stage, we don’t if anyone has been badly affected to be honest.”
Like fellow Wellingtonians, Oliver felt the earthquake in the middle of the night. He says, “At home it was pretty intense. It went on forever. I came into work early and had a scout around. There were some PC screens had fallen over but no major damage. We have already had the guys Heidelberg in to check the machinery.”
John Jenkins, director at Graphic Laminations and Coatings, says the Wellington branch of the company is intact. He says, “A couple of the guys were able to make it in there and it looks okay. Everything is okay.
“However, we aren’t allowed in there to work because of the tsunami warning. Apparently, the tide at Lyall Bay went 200 metres out and came straight back in again; quite scary.”

Contact with parts of Canterbury has proved difficult with lines unavailable.

David Taylor, general manager of RMGT supplier Cyber New Zealand, says that after the 2011 quakes, clients moved into earthquake resistant buildings and he is hoping that will prove helpful. He says, “We have installations arounds the country and, where needed, we will provide any help that we can.”

After 2011, PrintNZ provided help to numerous comapnies. The organisation will continue to offer assistance to companies affected by earthquakes and other events. Ruth Cobb, general manager for PrintNZ, says, “We have given our members the morning to sort themselves out but we are ready to help where we can. We will touch base with them later today and during the week. Anyone who needs assistance or needs work temporarily elsewhere; we can help with that.

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