Durst has launched its latest P5 at Fespa in Munich, along with its own software suite, available through web browsers, which will come included with all new printer sales.

The company will teach print shops Durst Workflow, Durst Analytics and Durst Smart Shop and it will also offer the consulting, training and integration services of Durst Professional Services.

The Smart Shop solution enables print buyers to design their own pieces, modelled in 2D and 3D, and sent straight to Durst devices for printing after purchase.

Chrisoph Gamper, chief executive at Durst says even older Durst devices will receive a roll out of the new software. He says, “From this point forward, even the older machines will have access to the software, with the rollout to take place in a certain order. I am excited that as a printer manufacturer, we have been able to go beyond the printing engine onto greater platforms.”

Durst has also expanded its P5 range with two new hybrid solutions: the P5 350 (print width up to 3.5m) and P5 210 (print width up to 2.1m). The new printing systems can print on roll media and boards. With the multiroll option for the P5 350/210, users can load rolls during printing to reduce setup times and increase efficiency. The printing systems have with LED technology and integrated Durst Workflow Print software along with the monitoring tool Durst Analytics.

Other features include print quality of up to 1200dpi; multi-track options for up to six parallel boards; automatic media width and thickness detection; foldable and smooth-running roller tables; and a secure ink refill system. Options include peripheral systems for three-quarter automation or full automation.

The company says the Durst Workflow Print and the monitoring tool Durst Analytics make the printer into a production unit from day one. Durst also offers a scalable solution for integrating e-commerce with the Durst Smart Shop. All Durst software offers modular extendion and management via a web-based user interface.

Durst has further developed its HS-Series. The P5 portfolio offers two industrial printing systems with print widths of up to 2.5 m. The P5 250 HS and P5 200 HS feature MEMS printhead technology and achieve with 5pl highest print quality at print speeds of up to 600sqm/h. The printing systems can also print on roll media and boards and also enable sensor-controlled double-sided printing on roll media.

Durst offers four ink systems for the P5 printing systems: Durst Rigid LED Ink, Durst Roll LED Ink, P5 Premium WG Ink, P5 POP HS Ink.

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