P5 SMP Super Multi
Sabine Geldermann, from drupa organiser Messe Düsseldorf, with the Durst team, from left: Christoph Gamper, Christian Harder, and Thomas Macina

Durst has announced the P5 SMP Super Multi Pass printer at the Global Pre-drupa Press Conference at Messe Düsseldorf.

Durst chief executive and co-owner, Christoph Gamper, conducted the Durst press conference alongside Christian Harder, vice president – sales and Thomas Macina, sales director for labels and flexible packaging, Thomas Macina.

Durst will show the new machine, which is still under construction, at drupa 2024.

Christian Harder described the P5 SMP as the “pinnacle of efficiency, speed and quality in graphics, displays, corrugated and industrial decoration”.

He said, “We successfully introduced the P5 platform back in 2019 and today we now offer a complete product portfolio comprising hybrid as well as dedicated roll to roll printing with UV printing inks in various widths and various speeds.

“This year at drupa, we proudly introduce a further enhancement to the P5 series – the P5 SMP that stands for Super Multi Pass. The Super Multi Pass delivers a new peak in productivity with the versatility of the P5 platform and productivity of up to five million square metres per year or 2,000 square metres per hour.

“This is tailor made for the sign and display and corrugated display printing market. The press will be available in the various levels of automation empowered by our software solutions for further automating the production processes.”

LED drying and UV ink

The P5 SMP machine will feature Ricoh Gen 5 printheads, the same print heads used on other Durst P5 printers, but an entirely different printhead configuration is expected to deliver the speed of the new machine.

“So far we haven’t seen any major advantages with the Ricoh Gen 6 printheads, and we have had an extremely good experience with the Gen 5 printheads since 2018 so we have decided not to change print heads at this stage.”

The P5 SMP will also feature LED drying and new UV ink formulations. He added, “With this machine we will be using UV ink since we want to be versatile and also our customers want to print on a wide range of different substrates such as rigid, carton and various banner materials.”

The 3.5 metre P5 SMP high volume hybrid production LED UV printer delivers up to 2000 square metres per hour or five million square metres per year.

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