Durst Group, one of the leading digital printing and production technology manufacturers, has won three prestigious EDP Awards at the Fespa Global Print Expo in Munich for P5 Robotics, P5 350 HSR and Durst Workflow Software. 

Launched in 2007 by the European Digital Press Association, the annual EDP Awards are the most prestigious technical awards in the digital printing, publishing and packaging industries addressing over half a million readers.

The awards are presented by a consortium of 21 European trade magazines.

P5 Robotics is the next level of automation for flexible and continuous production cycles with long run times. 

Durst Robotics drives the graphic industry towards the Industry 4.0 vision. It turns printing into a continuous process thanks to the use of robots on both the loading and unloading side, even when several plates are loaded side by side. 

It is no longer necessary to start the next print job only after loading a complete row of plates. The software allows each image to be started individually so the same robot can insert plate by plate without losing print time.

At the heart of P5 Robotics is the P5 350 HS D4 hybrid printing system, whose feeder/stacker unit is formed by two Kuka robots to handle the unmanned production of a complete shift. 

P5 350 HSR is the fastest 3.5 meter LED web printing system on the market, with a printing speed of up to 670 square meters an hour and the option to feed large rolls weighing up to 1,000 kg and 635 mm in diameter. 

Durst Workflow is the Durst Group’s successful software that is now used by more than 600 print service providers worldwide for their prepress operations. The browser-based solution is a significant step forward for printers and converters willing to integrate all prepress steps in an automated manner. From the PDF to the print-ready file with all the elements necessary.

Durst Group CEO and co-owner Christoph Gamper said, “The current EDP awards bring us full circle. Five years ago, at the Fespa trade show – also in Munich – we presented our roadmap for an in-house software division and the development of the P5 printer series to offer the industry a new dimension in print quality, print speed, flexibility, automation and for more sustainability. 

“Today, we have received recognition for our bold move, and more importantly, our customers are benefiting from it. The awards belong to all ‘Durst’lers’ around the world – I am delighted that our desire to innovate, coupled with a dash of Tyrolean stubbornness, has been recognized.”

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