Durst says it has “started a new chapter” within the 3D printing industry with the release of new trademarked technology.

Micro Particle Jetting is the new trademarked technology developed by D3-AM. This Durst subsidiary and start-up business sits within the company’s Kraftwerk innovation incubator located onsite at the Durst head office at Brixen in northern Italy.

Matt Ashman, managing director, Durst Oceania, says, “This latest innovation from Durst represents 3D printing for industrial markets and utilises our Piezo inkjet technology.

“This also builds on our leadership in chemical formulations and engineering to deliver the future of functional 3D printing.”

The company unveiled Micro Particle Jetting as a new printing technology in late 2023, demonstrating advancements in high performance ceramics manufacturing. D3’s LABII printing system allows direct printing of water-based, highly concentrated suspensions with almost any particle size and distribution. The process forms post-sintering, complex and dense components that no other existing method can produce.

Drop by drop construction

Stefan Waldner, chief product officer of D3-AM, says material jetting, from a theoretical standpoint, represents the most promising technology in additive manufacturing as it enables the construction of objects drop by drop, voxel by voxel. He explains, “By overcoming material compatibility restrictions, our MPJ-technology paves the way for the production of previously deemed impossible components.”

Christoph Gamper speaks at the opening of the Kraft Werk Incubator

Christoph Gamper, chief executive officer and co-owner of Durst Group, adds, “With the D3 LABII system, we are starting a new chapter at Durst: Material Jetting. We look forward to scaling the printing systems, processes, and arterials to open up a world of possibilities.”

The brainchild of Durst owners Christoph Gamper and Harald Oberrauch, D3-AM leverages the cross-industry expertise of its parent company to transform additive manufacturing with solutions like Micro Particle Jetting. It offers industrial production solutions optimised for various functional and application domains. 

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