Auckland will host the New Zealand leg of the ANZ Dscoop roadshow next month.

Matt Mills, chairman of New Zealand Dscoop and general manager of print company Fuzed, says the HP Indigo community will have an opportunity to look at some initiatives that can expand their businesses.

He says, “Everyone who attends Dscoop has a passion for print. We have a vested interest in print. One of the great things about Dscoop is the people who attend have that drive they want to grow their businesses.”

The keynote speaker, Bill Weiners, heads the company Digital Lizard, which has three offices in the USA, headquartered in Las Vegas. It uses a fleet of HP Indigo presses and finishing equipment.

Digital Lizard uses data to drive print in a range of industries including casinos, healthcare, and insurance and other industries. The presentation will deliver advice on how to gather and use data.

Jason Beckley, business development manager for HP South Pacific, says, “This event offers HP Indigo owners and their business partners an opportunity learn about managing clean data. Often direct mailing doesn’t work because we don’t have clean data. This kind of knowledge goes across all businesses.”

HP supports Dscoop, which works as a print community of HP Indigo users. Mills says, “Dscoop is about collaborating. There has been competition between printers and some believe wrongly that the only way to win is to lower your price. That is nonsense. We are all here to make a dollar. What is the easiest way to do that? We collaborate.”

He has attended two Dscoop events in the USA. He says, “I want my company to be the best it possibly can be. After attending Dscoop events, I have been able to implement what I have learned there, this has had a positive effect on my business.

“This local event will get people involved who not only have a passion for print but who also want to share and learn. We need to be sponges. Many people in the industry have great experience in running their businesses and they have an enormous amount to share. At Dscoop, we can have some eye-opening conversations.”

The roadshow kicks off in Auckland on October 17 and travels to Melbourne the next day and then to Sydney on October 23. For more information, contact Jason Beckley email andMatt Mills email or phone Matt on 021 675 402.

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