Digital Factory RIP software
Fiery says the new features on its RIP software enable easier navigation, faster job setup, and reduced material usage

Digital Factory RIP software has received an update from Fiery, a leading industry digital front end (DFE) provider.

Features include a next generation user interface, enhanced automation, and true shape nesting. Fiery says this enables easier navigation, faster job setup, and reduced material usage.

John Henze, vice president of sales and marketing at Fiery, says, “Customers expect quality, accuracy, and speed when it comes to direct to film and specialty print applications. No other software RIP combines colour accuracy with device support like Digital Factory.

“Collaborating with our extensive customer base, we developed a next-generation interface with the user in mind. With this latest update to Digital Factory, businesses of all sizes can quickly find the right tools and dial in the perfect settings to achieve efficient, high volume production with the highest possible quality.”

New Features drive performance

The company says that the new version makes it easier to create personalised, customised, and other specialty production products with perfect colour accuracy through custom print modes and colour profiles. It adds that Digital Factory v11.1 drives all direct to film (DTF), direct to garment (DTG), sublimation, UV, toner transfer, and wide format print and cut devices. Also, it features a more intuitive user interface, redesigned layouts, enhanced workflow automation, and true shape nesting. The new capabilities streamline print operations and save hours in production time. They can also increase profitability by reducing costly material waste.

Tony Lee, sales director at All American Print Supply Co, says, “Digital Factory v11 was already a favourite, but with the launch of v11.1, it has taken a giant leap forward. There’s simply no match out there for its excellence.

“The improvements are astounding. It is now even better, cleaner, more intuitive, and easier to use. Digital Factory v11.1 sets a new standard for digital solutions. It is a joy to see how it continues to evolve and exceed expectations.”

The company adds that Digital Factory offers powerful production management tools and colour profiles to achieve stunning colour reproduction and accuracy on the widest variety of substrates.

Fiery lists Digital Factory v11.1’s new capabilities:

Improved usability, organisation, and layout. A new interface offers clear navigation and user friendly controls. This reduces the learning curve, streamlining job setup, and increasing productivity while minimising production errors. For example, you can create queue groups with a single icon click with drag and drop features. This allows both queues or group tabs to be quickly reordered for improved organisation and layout. 

Reduced material use. Digital Factory now provides true shape nesting. This enables more efficient use of spaces or gaps when nesting print and cut designs. In addition, it reduces material usage and supports sustainability efforts. 

Quickly identify job lists. New icons, settings menu, and image scaling make it easy to see production feedback and what has been processed.

Henze continues, “This new release takes the powerful tools and features customers love and makes it easier than ever to operate. Designers and printers have the power to create at their fingertips. As a result, they can produce vibrant DTF or DTG prints that set them apart from the competition.”

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