Since its inception six years ago, BDR Max has continued an upward trajectory that sees it firmly established in the local scene as a specialist in marketing, advertising, media, and digital print.

Jason Hall, managing director of BDR Max, says the company has a slightly different model than other companies doing print jobs. He says, “We are not a printer. Our attitude is about customer. We have grown BDR Max through understanding what our customers need, staying true to our lane and then growing our base.”

The solely digital company has installed two Ricoh printers: the Pro C751ex and the Pro C7100sx.

Prior to buying the Ricoh machines, BDR Max looked at all the options, through customer-centric glasses. Hall says, “We considered what we needed. We went through and looked at the stocks we could run through the printers and the extra features they offered that enabled us to add further value to our customers.

“The Pro C7100 gave us more options to be able to provide specialty small format, in particular with the white and clear option, and the banner sheet. Also, from a price perspective, they gave us better value for money.

The Ricoh Pro C7100 series prints at speeds up to 90 ppm, supporting paper weights up to 360gsm in both simplex and duplex. It achieves image quality of 1200x4800dpi and supports a range of media including new textured media technology. Applications include light packaging, demo packaging, direct mail, books, brochures and business cards. An expanded media library allows operators to adjust and associate different parameters per substrate.

Hall says, “We aren’t an Indigo or offset printer but we believe the quality of the Ricoh is fantastic. We had an offset printer who printed the same job that we did. We placed the work on pallets and the offset printer could not tell us which was offset and which was digital. He was quite magnanimous about it and he said, ‘That is stunning quality coming from a small format machine.’

“The quality of digital will get better and the machines will get faster.”

Small but perfect

WHEN Ricoh introduced the Pro C7100 series printers, it described the machine’s ability to apply spot or flood clear gloss and white, and to quickly switch between the two, as unprecedented at its price point.

Previously, the industry only placed these kinds of features on the bigger machines. Hall says, “We’ve seen the development of white ink in wide format and we think the same will happen with the small format digital print. We don’t see a massive amount of difference between a small machine like the Pro C7100 and the big machines.

“In terms of white and clear, the issue is showing the creatives the possibilities inherent in the machine. It’s an education process where we coach our clients. Once they understand, they are excited to realise they can work with metallic and different colours. The only limitation is the creative ability of the designers. It’s only just now that people are recognising how to use the white ink.

“The clear product can help in areas like small format packaging. We have got some cool examples of what we can do, all from the small format machine.

Values align

WHITE ink aside, BDR Max demands more from its suppliers than technology.

Hall says, “You have to look at the whole picture. Often, it’s about serviceability. We felt that Ricoh took a longer time to understand our business. We believe Ricoh’s ethical values align with our value pillars: be honest, show integrity, be respectful, show accountability and trust. Those values are important to us.

“We have really enjoyed the sales relationship. Mike Laursen from Ricoh has been fantastic to work with and he keeps his promises.”

BDR Max offers any number of creative solutions for its clients including campaign development, media strategy, creative, digital print and in-store point of sale. It completes a diverse range of print jobs ranging from business cards, fliers, price ticketing, corporate folders, real estate magazines, through to wide and grand format. However, its area of expertise involves fast turnaround retail printing. Hall describes it as just in time print delivered with service.

Hall has no business secrets for the company’s success. He says, “We have the right people in place and that is the most important thing in our industry. But what we are trying to achieve is to just do the basics well. Because we really focus on doing the basics well, we deliver and delight our customers.”

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