Last month, Cyber New Zealand welcomed Shozo Kakuda, senior technician at RMGT.

Mark Waters, national sales demonstrator for Cyber New Zealand, says “Mr Kakuda visits us as an ambassador of RMGT, bringing with him extensive technical knowledge he has gained with the Ryobi Group spanning more than 25 years.

“His visit gave us the opportunity to train our own mechanical and electrical engineers, upskilling them in the process. Customers were excited to have somebody of Mr Kakuda’s standing come and visit.  Spending time with operators, he offered advice and helped them to improve their knowledge of the machinery further.”

Kakuda says, “The last visit from a senior technician in our company was three years ago. Recently we reintroduced regular visits to the US, Asia and here in New Zealand. New Zealand is a priority as it has many installations, especially over the past five years. We want to upskill the engineers and this gives us the opportunity to help them here. It is very important to improve customer productivity, for example, shorter makeready times decreases waste paper and saves time.

“Another benefit is in raising the field engineers’ skills. The training has been very intensive, covering five of the major RMGT machines that we have: two 10-colours; two five-colours with coaters and a B1 press. For operators, it helps to see a more efficient way to run the machines.

“Operator training is the strongest thing for me. If it is done properly, like it is by Cyber New Zealand, then press operators have a much better understanding of what they are doing. Cyber give extensive operator training, so I am pleased with the standard of knowledge and ability here.”

Waters adds, “Ryobi has always provided excellent service and technical support, both in person or over the phone. Customers have benefitted immensely from these personal visits. It shows real commitment from RMGT that they would send Mr Kakuda here. We look forward to Kakuda and other high ranking RMGT personnel visiting us again.

“Cyber New Zealand works progressively with the printers to keep upskilling them. We have an ongoing commitment whenever someone is operating a Ryobi or RMGT press.“

Cyber New Zealand national service technician Paul Hilleard, says “The time spent with Mr Kakuda has been beneficial. It has been a full on week of training and I look forward to putting what I have learned to good use. Kakuda has improved my knowledge considerably.”

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