CYBER New Zealand has increased its service and support nationwide, with its appointment of Paul Hilleard as a national service technician.
David Taylor, general manager for Cyber New Zealand, says, “Cyber New Zealand takes servicing its customers seriously. That is why we have increased our number of service technicians. Where so many others are laying people off, we are taking more on. Paul will join Chris Godfrey at the coal face.”
Hilleard has a background as a maintenance engineer. He says, “I grew up working on Ryobi presses from when they started to take off in the UK with the arrival of the 52 series presses around 1987. I also have experience at Heathrow airport working on the sophisticated control baggage systems and ended up team leader there.”
“I came to New Zealand to start a fresh new life and have been here for about a year. I am finding New Zealand similar to the UK in many ways and I am very much looking forward to meeting all of the Cyber customers here.”
Taylor says, “Paul was Ryobi trained in the UK for Apex Digital Graphics, the current agents. He has a thorough understanding of the total printing procedure, especially the latest computer control, inline colour procedure. He does electrical and mechanical servicing on the presses. He is registered with the New Zealand electrical workers board. He will receive ongoing training from Cyber New Zealand and Ryobi.
“Cyber New Zealand has a commitment to provide the best possible service to our customers. That is why we continue to send our engineers to Japan for ongoing training.”

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