Cyber and RMGT are on a growth trajectory as the companies have launched new products over the last six months, following a series of global events. These products have spurred a lot of interest in the market, resulting in greater sales.

The companies took to Indoprint 2022 in Jakarta, Indonesia in September and supported a series of Open Houses in Japan and Malaysia to show their latest kits, which garnered plenty of attention from attendees.

At the Cyber Open House in Malaysia, Cyber launched the new RMGT 970 series, which is an A1-plus size multicolour offset press, and showcased a number of other RMGT presses and Horizon machines.

With the offset market seeing rising global demands for presses offering greater productivity and cost performance, RMGT produced this machine as it saw a trend towards enhancing production capacity by enabling offset presses to handle a wide range of paper sizes.

The press now has new features that aim to help print service providers improve business. Some of these features include advanced automation and labour-saving mechanisms to assist the operator, short make-ready times to ensure high productivity and instant drying perfection for quick turnarounds.

It also features improved printing stability from thin to heavy stock and varnish coating and special printing for higher added value.

The 970 model is based on a blend of R&D emanating from the 920 series and its 1050 series presses. The range offers versatility, durability, and advanced automation, according to Cyber A/NZ managing director Bernard Cheong, who added that the range will further improve profitability of users.

“RMGT has been combining the two founding companies’ strengths of energy saving designs that incorporate new ideas with high-precision manufacturing technology and highly durable construction for long-term use,” he said.

“The new RMGT 970 has many advanced features based on the 920/940 presses, known for their superior quality and productivity. The new 970 model incorporates the latest technologies in addition to many features found on the flagship RMGT 10 series.

“In the face of rising paper and printing supply costs, the RMGT 970 is perfectly positioned to meet the needs of the times by handling the most popular A1-plus paper sizes used around the world.”

The machine is built for a maximum of 650mm by 965mm sheet size. The series can handle a comprehensive range of print jobs, such as multi-page materials, displays and packaging.

Cheong said the 650mm by 910mm model is a popular format in Australasia, giving print service providers the ability to generate output without the need to trim. It also has a benderless plate clamp, feeder and delivery operation touch panel, along with other automation features.

“Users are moving to the SRA1 format to stay lean and profitable. The SRA1 format can do both shorter runs and long runs at the volume end of the market, so it’s a very versatile solution,” Cheong said.

Cyber also launched the new RMGT 970 ST5 CC SLD press at its Malaysia Open house. The machine is a five-colour printing machine with LED UV plus coater.

It aims to provide high-value printing such as chemical embossing and metallised paper printing.

Installations in Australia

Meanwhile, the RMGT 970PF-8 LED with PQS-D and Smart Assist Printing, which was scheduled to arrive in Australia in the third quarter of 2022, has been installed at CMYKhub’s Brisbane production centre, with Cheong saying that the machine has yielded many benefits for the business.

The RMGT 970PF-8 LED with PQS-D and Smart Assist Printing isn’t the only recent local installation by Cyber Australia. It has also installed the 920ST-5, the 750PF-8 + coater LED, and 790PF-4 machines from RMGT in the last six months.

A company that has been a customer of Cyber A/NZ for more than 16 years is Spot Productions. The company has purchased a range of machinery from Cyber Australia over the years, including seven RMGT presses that includes the first 920PF-10 LED installed in the A/NZ region about three years ago. It has also purchased from Cyber several folders, die cutters and finishing gear.

In the last six months, Spot Productions added to its fleet the RMGT 750PF-8+ coater LED, as well as the RMGT 790PF-4 machine, dramatically expanding the company.

Spot Productions managing director Simon Carmody said, “When we decided to expand the business 16 years ago, we had a wish list of machinery that we required to take our business to the next level. We sought expressions of interest from the major machine manufacturers and Cyber came to us with the best deal, the best options and the most support.

“When we installed the 920PF-10 LED, we needed speed to market, quality and automation. With the ease of printing with LED UV, we were able to create applications in just one pass, with no spray powder. We could use the machine to print on a variety of substrates and it made the printing process so much easier and certainly a lot quicker.

“We also recently added on the RMGT 750PF-8 + coater LED and the RMGT 790PF-4 to our portfolio. With this investment, we have three printing presses side by side, which bolsters our growth plans. Having three presses beside each other and printing two sides at once was a major goal in Spot’s expansion plans, which we have now achieved.

“With the changing landscape in the print industry, there are plenty of opportunities for us to do more. I invested in a 3,500 square metre shed to cater for our growth, which we’ve just about moved into now. I also bought the adjacent one to it, which has a space of 3,000 square metres, which I’ll expand into as well at some point.

“As a business, today, we’re 50 per cent to where we want to be. And Cyber has been a supporter of ours over the years – and continues to be as we grow – and that’s the reason we’ve stayed loyal to them as well.”

Growth, with an eye on the region 

Cheong said 2022 has been a busy time for the business in A/NZ. According to Ceong, Cyber and RMGT have aligned their goals for the region, to offer their collective customers nothing short of quality when it comes to printing.

“These solutions feature labour saving automation, quality control features, and IoT capabilities which are increasingly becoming important for offset in a digitised world,” Cheong said.

“The machines are designed to bring out the best in their operator, in turn, making the company profitable. The early adopters of these technologies have been reaping the rewards and will continue to grow their businesses. It is a no brainer in choosing offset technology.

“We aim to have an industry where customers are prosperous, relaxed and invigorated to work by using Cyber’s machinery. RMGT’s corporate message of Irodori, which means colouring the world together, reflects our desire to establish a relationship of trust with ou customers and everyone in the printing industry.

“RMGT offers the global market a widerange of printing equipment and services based on unique and original technologies to create this Irodori society.”

Cyber has also got an eye on infiltrating the Southeast Asian region. Indoprint 2022 was one of the global events that Cyber exhibited at in recent times.

Cheong said the company is increasing its efforts in Indonesia as based on the statistical development of the country’s economy. Data shows that in 2050, it will be the fourth largest economy in the world just after China, India and America.

“The printers in Indonesia do not focus on export, but the country has a very big domestic demand. That’s why all eyes are on Indonesia now,” he said.

“Moreover, more than 50 per cent of the Indonesian population is under the age of 30 – this is the strength of the domestic economy. Indonesia has skilled workers in many fields, and there are high export opportunities and the vast availability of natural resources.

“The printing industry in Indonesia will get extraordinary opportunities and we must prepare ourselves to be more competitive in the market.”

The Vietnam market, on the other hand, is seeing lots of foreign investments, even from China according to Cheong. As such, the company is also increasing its efforts in this country.

Cyber Vietnam recently installed its first RMGT 1060ST-5 in Vietnam at the end of September. The 1060 is the latest model to be launched in the country.

During the pandemic, Cyber also installed several RMGT presses in Vietnam, including: the 1050ST-6, two machines of the 1050ST-5 and the 920ST-6+C.

An Open House in Tokyo

A key focus for Cyber and RMGT is sustainability. In disseminating the message of its benefits to customers, Cyber supported RMGT’s Open House, named Eco-print 2022, which took place at the RMGT Tokyo showroom for two days in July.

“Under the theme of discovering the new businesses with the latest eco-friendly printing, we collaborated with many printing material suppliers to introduce applications for eco-friendly printing materials, such as paper, inks, as well as know-how on eco-friendly printing,” Cheong said.

At the event, paper suppliers and RMGT presented a session about sustainable development goals (SDGs) supported by the companies. On the other hand, the RMGT 970ST-5+CC+LED-UV was demonstrated by using biomass ink and eco-friendly paper, proposing environmental load reduction printing by LED-UV.

The RMGT 1050ST-5+LED-UV was also demonstrated with waterless LED-UV for ink reduction and environmental printing by UV and concentric screening.

“Concentric screening is a multi-tone screening process that involves mixing with halftone dots which are divided to suppress ink coverage on halftone dots and reduce ink consumption by five per cent to 25 per cent,” Cheong said.

“The demonstrated biomass inks, eco-friendly paper, and LED-UV showed customers how to achieve prints with reduced environmental impacts using the RMGT 970ST-5+CC+LED-UV.

“In this process, the eco-friendly paper was made from non-edible rice, where about three to five per cent of rice was used in the make of the paper. And to get the texture of rice paper, double-sided instant-dry printing with a straight mode was used on the LED-UV feature of the 970PF-8 machine.

“RMGT also showed off the specific features of the 970 series, highlighting reduced costs such as a 30 per cent reduction in installation space compared to the B1 sized machine, and a 34 per cent saving in its power consumption.”

Waterless printing using specific ecological conscious materials, such as waterless UV ink with waterless plate and concentric screening with halftone dots was demonstrated.

“It was a successful event and a very useful opportunity for all related suppliers to talk about their sustainability initiatives. Approximately 50 visitors participated in the event and learnt something from each other,” Cheong added.

Productive flexibility shown off at Hiroshima

Cyber also supported another of RMGT’s Open Houses in August – this one was at RMGT’s HQ showroom in Hiroshima.

“For two days, RMGT held an Open House event for the B1 sized RMGT 1060LX model. This latest printing machine incorporates various new technologies and functions to reduce printing make-ready time, as well as improve productivity, print quality control with PQS-D (I+C+R), and operability,” Cheong said.

“The press is thin and thick paper printing compatible, and was introduced through a technical explanation and printing demonstration.

“We also showed the operational demo of the automatic guided vehicle (AGV) named Nipper that saves labour between the material transporting processes and showed how the sheet pallet is automatically transferred to the next post-press process after printing.

“In addition to having the customer directly review the printing machine, we deepened their knowledge through the exchange of opinions with RMGT technical staff who also addressed any challenges that they raised.

“All of these events show the direction that RMGT and Cyber are taking. The new machines that we have introduced are tailored to the needs of today and tomorrow, and we will continue to provide the market with premium products and exceptional service.”

The article has been featured in the December 2022/January 2023 edition of New Zealand Printer magazine

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