The Autumn Issue of VoPP Mag is out now, and focuses on customisation and the role print will play in personalised marketing into the future.

The magazine examines marketing campaigns by KitKat, Vegemite, and Maybelline, and how they have leveraged the power of paper and print to achieve great marketing results. Maybelline in particular upsold 55 per cent of recipients to better products using a catalogue customised to each individual’s beauty regime.

TSA, the publisher of VoPP, says the days when customisation was about printing “Dear customer’s first name” on the front cover of an advert are long gone. With smart data management and digital print innovations, the opportunities to customise and target print marketing communications are endless.

Kellie Northwood, executive director, TSA Limited says, “As personalised marketing is able to deliver 31 per cent greater return compared to general marketing materials, we decided to explore how brands are using print marketing to talk to individual customers through pagination by geography and demographics or image personalisation by gender or audience group.”

The issue features research outlining the neuroscience behind touch and how this assists print campaigns in influencing consumer decision making. TSA says the magazine takes a look at the key strategies to maintaining customer loyalty in a world where switching brands of anything from laundry detergent to broadband providers is increasingly simple.

TSA says you can subscribe to receive a printed version of the biannual magazine at

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