Currie Group has partnered with New Zealand-based printers for the NZ Sign and Print Expo 2023, to showcase a wide range of signage applications produced using EFI printers.

Currie Group has partnered with Textiles Alive to produce some of the signage featured at its stand, including backlit textile displays featuring vibrant colours and punchy blacks that as well as a backdrop stand display with stretch textile material and creative table throw with the company’s branding. 

Structurflex, one of the largest truck curtain suppliers in New Zealand, which has recently installed an EFI system, has produced this eye-catching black curtain with vibrant colours with clear coat, which protects the products against the weather elements and graffiti for five years.  

Currie Group is also featuring a range of other materials and samples for its hybrid and flatbed technology.

Click below to watch Paul Whitehead, Currie Group’s business unit manager for sign and display markets presenting EFI applications showcased at the NZ Sign and Print Expo 2023.  

According to Paul Whitehead, Currie Group’s business unit manager for the sign and display markets in terms of retail space buying cycles are really speeding up, “We are seeing is a real trend towards soft signage, which allows to transport the print easily as it can be folded up and then installed by a retail person. It is really a big trend we are seeing in that in terms of being able to get across Australia and New Zealand.”

To find out more about the EFI portfolio, click here to contact Currie Group. 

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