Cron 46H+ B1 platesetter
From Currie Group, the Cron 46H+ B1 platesetter

Currie Group has announced the availability of the new Cron 46H+ B1 platesetter.

Craig Paul, country manager Currie Group New Zealand, says, “Local commercial printers can now integrate this cost-effective solution into their production workflow.”

Five years ago, Cron released its H and G series platesetters. Craig says, “With its 46H+ B1 platesetter, Cron has advanced the technology with a range of innovative features in this next generation solution. These range from manual and auto loading configurations to a new touch panel for greater ease of operation.”

An external B1 drum platesetter, the Cron 46H+ also accepts B2 and B3 format plates. Its autoloader takes take up to 200 B1 plates in unattended operation, with automated slip sheet removal. Using a patented side gauge, it delivers plate-to-plate registration accuracy to within 10μm. Others features include a dynamic triple drum balance mechanism and internal temperature control.

The maintenance-free laser head carriage incorporates a linear magnetic drive with positional accuracy of +/-0.01mm and a self-lubricating v-shaped guide rail.

It offers a choice of 48, 72, 96 or 128 thermal 830nm or UV violet auto-focused laser channels covering any current plate type. These deliver resolutions between 1800 and 2800dpi, suitable for hybrid screening of up to 300lpi and FM screening. An optional upgrade is available to a range from 4,800 to 10160dpi.

Another option is square dot imaging. The speed range with these beams is from 24 to 48 plates per hour. This reduces slightly if you use the internal punches. You can fit up to five sets in your choice of pattern. Cron’s patented vacuum system holds plates to the drum at the highest rotation speeds, up to 1400rpm. By specifying the number of laser beams, you can configure the Cron 46H+ for different combinations of speed and resolution. The optional laser square dot imaging delivers impressive dot reproduction accuracy with a minimum error rate of less than one per cent.

Craig adds, “The Cron 46H+ platesetter integrates into any existing workflow through its Laboo front-end software.

“For anyone looking to increase their production output and improve their print quality will find the cost-effective Cron 46H+ platesetter a welcome addition to their print arsenal.”

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