WePrint takes place in Auckland in less than seven days.
The one-day forum offers delegates a chance to learn about results coaching, cyber security, and how to help employees deal with depression.
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This year, WePrint features three keynote highlights. Cillin Hearns, director and founder of Results Coaching, will share the skills you need ot develop to communicate effectively. He says that applying the skills learned in this workshop will cascade through every aspect of a person’s professional and personal life. Developing strong personal relationships within the team and with key stakeholders tears down barriers to progress to enable a fast-paced work environment.
Anthony Grasso, from Cyber Toa, will cover the fundamentals of cybe security, presenting case studies and how to lessen its impact on your business.
Mike King changed his life by overcoming his own demons and starting the Nutters Club, a group that evolved after he shared his experience with mental illness and addiction on late-night talk back radio, and listeners became so involved they felt compelled to ring in and share their own experiences. Subsequently, working across the country and in the corporate arena, the impact of his presentations to employees and management has exceeded expectations.
The business sector faces massive challenges in making it all right for employees, who suffer mental illness, to come forward and get help. Mike King will address this during his presentation.

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