The New Zealand Sign and Display Association has contracted former secretary Brian Fairchild to advise and oversee the review of Auckland City’s Signage Bylaw.

Fairchild had previously been heavily involved in the 2010 to 2015 Signage Bylaw process that amalgamated the legacy sign rules from when Auckland was represented by seven different city and district councils and the Auckland Regional Authority.

Under statute, the bylaws must be revisited within a five-year time frame which means the 2015 Signage Bylaw is now under review and can be modified or altered to take effect in 2020.

Part of the Council’s responsibility to industry is to have open and transparent dialogue to ascertain what, in the collective view, is both workable and desirable. An initial meeting took place at Auckland Council last month. The policy manager and a principal policy analyst from the Social Policy and Bylaws Office outlined between them the process to be followed and sought input from interested parties.

Fairchild says, “The policy manager asked the question, ‘What could be perceived as the top five potential issues with the current Signage Bylaw?’ Clearly, we cannot assume to accurately identify the concerns from everybody’s perspective, so we are asking the industry stakeholders, what signage rules need reviewing. This can be relevant to type of sign, placement of sign, size of sign, anything that is described by the current bylaw, such as digital signage, moving signage where technology has advanced substantially since the 2015 bylaws were enacted.

“We need to effectively speak for the wider sign industry in addressing the review so a speedy response is much appreciated.

“We are particularly keen to ensure that the majority of sign makers in the region are consulted and have the opportunity to help shape any changes before the public may make submissions. Please contact me by email at”

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