Production equipment supplier Bobst has revealed its new flexo solution for corrugated board, the THQ FlexoCloud Technology.

The new solution requires three key elements: THQ ceramic rolls (supplied by Bobst), THQ CMYK inks plus varnish for high graphic jobs, and THQ printing plates that are the core due to a colour separation algorithm. Bobst says it offer high precision; a larger range with four colours; and it enables excellent anti-counterfeit security printing through invisible coded messages.

Bobst considers this technology – developed by Graphilabel, a specialist in graphic solutions for narrow web, security and anti-counterfeit solutions, and adapted by Bobst –  a quantum quality shift in post-print flexo.

Dominique Ravot, sales and marketing director, Bobst says, “For post-print flexo on corrugated board, it brings unmatched quality at lower cost in one pass. The feedback we received from the seminars has been positive and supports our belief that the THQ FlexoCloud represents the opportunity for our customers to make the difference and increase their market share.”

Bobst has made the THQ FlexoCloud Technology available on a range of new Bobst post print flexo machines.

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