In less than three weeks, the annual Single Width Users Group Conference will get underway at the Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre in Auckland with two engaging presentations.

The conference has a tradition of hosting presenters prepared to delve deep into the issue of the day for the industry and this year, it will begin with controversial financial and political commentator Bernard Hickey, who will offer his take on the present state of the local economy.

Immediately following Hickey, Two Sides Australia executive director Kellie Northwood will give delegates all the ammunition they need in the ongoing battle to debunk the environmental falsehoods that surround the industry.

The conference organisers see the event as an opportunity to focus on print for the customer and the creation of products that stand out from

the crowd. Lauren Keen, from the organising group, says, “Whilst print continually faces attack from other media, there are still some very real benefits for customers utilising print as a promotional tool.

“When you are able to make your product have a point of difference — one that stands out on the shelves and has that wow factor — and are shown examples of how this can make a big difference to the bottom line, serious consideration must be given.

“In the newsprint and direct mail sector there are many examples of products that achieve this.”

This year, delegates have three attendance options:

• first-day morning session and lunch with Bernard Hickey and Kellie Northwood (August 22) — $45

• full delegate registration — $145

• additional tickets are now available for the Networking Dinner — $95

Organisers request all attendees register their attendance online via the web site Or click here

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