Sign and Graphics supplier Computaleta has been appointed an exclusive New Zealand distributor for CWT Worktools, one of the leading manufacturers of flatbed applicators.

The Swedish-made flatbed applicator, or worktable, offers a semi-automated laminating process. According to CWT Worktools, it reduces production time by up to 85 per cent and provides a professional solution for large-format print laminating.

With manual laminating work requiring intense physical effort, CWT worktables reduce operator injuries and waste by eliminating human error during handling or application.

Capable of laminating soft or hard substrates up to 70mm thick, the worktable’s new design applies glossy thin foil materials as well as heavier sheets. Without an overhead beam, operator visibility and access are greatly improved. In addition, the unique design-protected traversing system provides a smooth travel of the roll assembly.

The table cover is made of hardened glass, unique to CWT laminators, with high-quality LED illumination available on request, providing many advantages for multi-layer applications, where it can help save both money and energy consumption.

The modular design makes the flatbeds easy to transport and install. The units are delivered in compact packages 80 per cent smaller than other solutions available on the market. This means Computaleta can install them in confined spaces or areas where access may be restricted.

Arlette Farland, director of Computaleta, said: “We already have a high demand for a solution in this space, and I have no doubt these will be well received in New Zealand. The stock has arrived, as well as a demonstration table at our new premises in Rosedale, Auckland, and we look forward to welcoming our customers to test this product and see the quality for themselves.”

Peter Fagrell, owner of CWT Worktools, added: “We are pleased to announce our partnership with Computaleta NZ. CWT Worktools finishing products will be a perfect complement to its existing range of print and sign-making equipment, and we are delighted to be able to offer its customers the boost in production and quality that our flatbed applicators provide.”

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