Colour management expert X-Rite, with its subsidiary Pantone LLC, has released the latest version of software solutions: ColorCert Suite 2.7.

The company says this latest product provides real-time colour and print quality process control and reporting For packaging printers and converters. They aim to better manage the complexities of CMYK, extended gamut, and spot colour workflows, regardless of the printing process, substrate, or industry standard.

Adrián Fernández, vice president for Pantonelive at X-Rite Pantone, says, “Today’s packaging workflows are complex, often involving multiple brand owners, design agencies, pre-media, plating and ink companies, all providing input into the production workflow. This can make managing accurate colour and print consistency a challenge.

“ColorCert simplifies colour communication across all internal and external stakeholders. From prepress and the ink room to production process control, it helps organisations manage precise colour and print specifications, uniting traditional silos of information into one common workflow.”

The ColorCert suite modules include:

  • ColorCert Desktop Tools enable the accurate creation of colour specifications and process controls at multiple points throughout the packaging workflow.
  • ColorCert ScoreCard Server combines reporting and statistical process control to provide brands, packaging converters and pre-media professionals with an easy-to-use dashboard for the monitoring of print quality by supplier, plant, machine, customer, work type, and more.
  • ColorCert Repository Server, a secure online asset management solution for storing, managing and deploying packaging colour assets

The company lists the new benefits of ColorCert as:

  • Improved flexibility in the measurement and scoring for substrates by making substrate standards optional for spot colour workflows and allowing users the ability to measure but not score substrates
  • Improved guidance in helping operators better adjust ink density or strength to reach target colours faster through the new BestMatch feature
  • New metrics such as ink strength, white ink opacity, whiteness, have been added to support CMYK, extended gamut, and/or spot colour packaging workflows.
  • New connectivity to X-Rite InkFormulation Software for better communication between the press room and the ink room

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