Colour management specialist GMG has released the latest version of its cloud-platform: GMG CoZone 2.2.

Features include the capability to approve content and images via the cloud; integrated soft and hard proofing; and an optimised workflow. GMG says that, thanks to its ultra-high resolution, users can now also review designs for large-format productions in detail.

GMG has increased the maximum image resolution to 7000 pixels and says it can go even finer, adding that iff you have to go deep into detail or work with large formats, you can display image data at an ultra-high resolution of 15,000 pixels. The zoom extends to 500 percent. Arnold Müller, product manager at GMG, says, “Now designs for large-format outdoor advertising can be reviewed conveniently at a high level of detail. Also, it pays to have the ultra-high resolution when depicting fine structures or typefaces on posters.”

The company says that SoftProofing Agent, a locally installable tool, with which a user can log in via the cloud with a mouse click and at the same time, the date of the last screen calibration is automatically recorded in the background and passed on to GMG CoZone. A colored symbol then shows up in the ProofStudio review area to tell you whether the calibration is still valid or must be renewed.

The underlying time window can be self-defined. A status symbol is also always added to every note on the image file, which documents the validity of the calibration at the time of the annotation.

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