ICS Color, one of the leading US-based remote digital proofing companies, has updated its Remote Director system and appointed Colour Graphic Services as its dealer and support agent in Australia and New Zealand.

ICS Color has updated the Remote Director addressing the need to dynamically incorporate substrates of all types into digital proofs to improve colour accuracy.

Colour Graphic Services managing director David Crowther said, “Printers have long understood that ‘paper is the fifth colour.’ In other words, substrates profoundly affect colour accuracy and brand identity. 

“ICS Remote Director users can build a custom library for substrates using LAB or spectral values in CxF or ANSI’s cie formats. Users can use a spectrophotometer to measure values on poly/plastics, canvas, paper, paperboard, rubber and more. 

“Paper manufacturers such as Stora Enso and Sappi have provided these measured values for their popular products. These paper values are already part of the ICS Remote Director library, offering an expansive foundation on which to build – with new ones constantly added. 

“Remote Director users can dynamically switch between substrates in their proofs, allowing for an accurate cost comparison and design decisions earlier in the creative cycle without ordering physical proofs.”

ICS Color president Dan Caldwell added, “Many projects are proofed with an industry standard such as GRACol, which contains the paper colour of the GRACol profile. Showing the actual substrate being used eliminates the need to explain the difference to the buyer. 

“In this era of continued supply fluctuations, knowing which available substrates will achieve your brand standards without blowing your budget is invaluable. We’re proud to be the only system offering this option of dynamic comparison.”

The recent update is available for all Remote Director users at no cost under the standard service and support license. 

New regional users can direct all enquiries to Color Graphic Services, which runs obligation-free demos.

Crowther concluded, “ICS Color is a world leader in remote digital colour proofing. Its technology pioneered colour-accurate soft proofing with the launch of Remote Director. The world’s largest brands, converters, printers, premedia, and publishers save time and money by eliminating the handling of hard copy proofs. 

“Today, ICS Color’s expanded suite of products and solutions are focused on digital colour proofing in real-time, on any mix of hardware and workflows at any location in the world. 

“I welcome all inquiries for this remarkable product and obligation-free demonstrations.”

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