Centurion Print has bought the assets of Norcross Printing Group, which went into voluntary liquidation.

Pat Leitch, managing director at Centurion, has welcomed the Norcross team on board, seeing this initiative as an exciting development for the company.

Pat Leitch, managing director of Centurion Print, beside the Komori B1 six-colour plus coater HUV press

Pat Leitch, managing director of Centurion Print, beside the Komori B1 six-colour plus coater HUV press

He says, “We see this as a good fit. The companies have similar revenues and we see business carrying on as normal. Norcross brings the strength of a robust print management system, boosting the Centurion team to 60 dedicated staff. All Norcross staff members have received offers of employment with Centurion Print.”

The purchase does not involve a significant amount of plant as Norcross had already sold its offset equipment prior to placing its business focus on digital print and print management. Even so, Leitch and his team will have to find a home for an assortment of finishing gear. He says, “We will try to use what we can but we may have to get rid of some of the gear.”

Centurion operates out of an 1860sqm premises in Auckland’s Morningside suburb, boasting a pressroom equipped with some of the country’s most up to date printing equipment, including a fully automated Komori B1 six-colour plus coater HUV press. It offers a full in house bindery service and digital printing.

The team at Centurion will work toward a smooth transition. He says, “Our management and staff are really grateful for the support we receive from our suppliers and our valued clients. We have received great encouragement during the transition period and we want to assure everyone, particularly all Norcross clients that we will endeavour to make this transition as seamless as possible.”

Leitch expects Centurion to continue as before. The company has found a successful formula and intends to stick to it. He says, “Printing is all about service; it is not about price. Doing everything on price is a downward spiral.”

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