Winetopia has always offered visitors a deep dive into the very best of the New Zealand wine scene. This year the events will also feature a Wine Art exhibition, sponsored by CCL Label, showcasing striking wine labels in large format at the event, with accompanying storyboards.

The event organisers partnered with CCL Label, one of the global labelling companies specialising in printing labels for the wine industry. 

Since arriving in New Zealand, CCL Label has worked with leading wine companies to bring their visions to reality and help them stand out on the world stage. 

CCL Label New Zealand general manager Geoff Wheeler said, “We are really passionate about wine and what makes each one unique and have invested heavily in technology that allows us to do more with the artwork our industry partners create. We’re looking forward to now seeing some of these striking designs on a large scale at the event.”

Winetopia event director Rob Eliott added, “Every wine tells a story. We have been looking for another way to immerse people into the wonderful world of New Zealand wine and to give them an experience through the eyes and voices of our wine-making teams. We are excited to this year launch Wine Art at the events.”

One of the entries to the exhibition, Three Miners in Central Otago, features a rustic appearance paying homage to the gold mining history of Central Otago and the three men who mined the land bordering the vineyard. 

Two Minerettes acknowledge the two women who do most of the work at Three Miners Vineyard (who are pictured on the label) and pay tribute to the women pioneers of the Central Otago gold rush who endured the inhospitable environment to support themselves and the men they loved. 

This wine is dedicated to women in the New Zealand wine industry, and a portion of the sale price goes towards the Women in Wine Central Otago Charitable Trust.

Another entry is the 2020 Nga Waka Pinot Noir. The Nga Waka logo has a special significance depicting Nga Waka A Kupe (The Canoes of Kupe), the three hills which lie side by side like upturned canoes and form the backdrop for the town of Martinborough and its surrounds. 

Legend has it that the hills were formed by the three canoes of the famed Polynesian explorer Kupe, which were carried inland by a huge earthquake and came to rest in the valley behind Martinborough.

Wine Art designs will be reproduced at 60 times their normal size. They will be available to all visitors to see at the event in Wellington, scheduled between June 16 and June 17 at TSB Arena and between July 20 and July 21 at the Viaduct Event Centre in Auckland.

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