Canon has used Fespa Global Print Expo in Munich as a platform to launch two new models in the Arizona 1300 flatbed printer series, the GTF and XTF and PrismaElevate XL, which creates textured effects and raised lettering up to 2mm.

The Arizona 1300 series with Flow technology serves the growing mid-volume segment, enabling large format graphics printers and other print service providers to offer their customers an extensive range of applications for retail, interior décor, packaging, and industrial markets. 

With variable print speeds of up to 52.8 square meters per hour, the new series allows users to print pin-sharp, high-value print applications. 

Customers will benefit from prints on rigid or flexible media of any size up to 1.25 x 2.5 meters with the Arizona GTF or 2.5 x 3.08 meters with the Arizona XTF. 

Thanks to Flow technology, changing media and board size is also faster, making it suitable for printing short-run jobs spread throughout the day, offering higher productivity levels. 

Since no vacuum zones exist, less masking and taping are required, reducing effort, time and cost. 

Other new features include updates to the user interface with Advanced Image Layout Controls, allowing operators to make last-minute adjustments before printing, including trimming, multi-reference points flexibility, and visualisation and modification of the print layer sequence. 

The new controls allow operators to respond quickly to board material availability to help use up leftovers and reduce waste while providing more flexibility and time and cost efficiencies. 

The Arizona 1300 series with Flow technology also includes an accounting interface (API), opening up valuable data on ink consumption and production time for further processing in accounting packages.

New print modes have been added, including Quality-Smooth, Production-Plus and Quality-Plus (available for 8-channel configurations). The additional Plus modes allow users to achieve a larger colour gamut. 

The entire flatbed printer series has been developed to be sustainable. Blower boxes for the Flow and LED curing creation bring energy efficiencies. The circular design means Arizona devices are repairable and easily disassembled, enabling the reuse and recycling of materials.

Canon Production Printing Australia marketing manager Jonathan Fitzpatrick said, “When we launched the Arizona 250 GT 17 years ago, its world-leading technology revolutionised flatbed printing. 

“To support the growing mid-volume segment of the market and respond to print buyer demand for faster turnarounds, we’re now expanding the Arizona 1300 series with Flow technology. 

“Used in combination with our Prisma XL Suite of workflow solutions – including the new PrismaElevate XL, these new models deliver the proven Arizona quality and versatility, but make production quicker and easier than ever, boosting our customers’ competitiveness.”

According to Canon, the new PrismaElevate XL delivers twice the elevation at up to 20 per cent higher speeds. It extends the Prisma XL Suite and creates tactile print applications and elevated prints on the Arizona 1300 and 2300 series by mimicking textured surfaces and using embossing, metallic accents and raised lettering up to 2mm.

The Prisma XL Suite is part of Canon’s Prisma workflow and includes PrismaGuide XL, a job automation software that includes plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. 

The suite is completed by PrismaService, a new cloud-based service platform that provides customer support for Arizona printers, with 24/7 access to service information, dashboards and relevant service data to predict.

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