Böttcher Australia and Brissett Rollers will merge their operations in Australia and New Zealand.

Mitch Mulligan, managing director of Böttcher Australia, and Terry Brissett, managing director of Brissett Rollers, announced that the local arm of the global Böttcher Group will acquire the plant, goodwill and equipment of family-owned Brisett Rollers and will integrate the two operations under the one roof before the end of the year.

They see the acquisition driven mainly by market consolidation and contraction. By combining their resources, they say customers can enjoy the best from both companies, with a seamless transition and continuity of supply. They add that, while they see any investment in local manufacturing as positive, this move means good news for customers as it brings together Böttcher’s products and expertise and Brissett’s local manufacturing and market knowledge.

Mitch Mulligan says. “We genuinely believe this is a win-win for the industry, securing the future of a trusted local roller manufacturing business and offering our customers an expanded value proposition – the improved lead times, flexibility and continuity of supply which local manufacture ensures, combined with the competitive edge that Böttcher’s world leading technology, compounds and processes provide.”

Böttcher, a 293-year-old family-owned business boasts a global reputation for its quality printing rollers, blankets and pressroom chemistry. Brissett, the largest manufacturer of printing rollers in Australasia, has served the market for 60 years.

Terry Brissett says, “While our backgrounds differ, we share much in common and have been ‘friendly competitors’ for years. Both Böttcher and Brissett are family owned companies who believe strongly in partnering with our customers and building relationships on the basis of quality products, reliable service, honesty and loyalty.

“We’ve both successfully navigated enormous change, from hot metal days to the high-speed, digitally-controlled and highly automated offset operations we see today, so we understand that the ability to evolve is vital in such a rapidly changing industry. Our merger with Böttcher is just the latest step in that process for us.”

Mulligan agrees, saying, “The Böttcher philosophy is to retain the good things from tradition, and create the new from our own strength.”

In line with this, Böttcher plans not only to keep the core of Brissett’s manufacturing team, but will also gain what Mulligan describes as the centre of knowledge: current owner Terry Brissett and his son Craig.

Mulligan adds, “While securing the future of a local manufacturer is important to us, it’s even more pleasing to be able to retain the invaluable expertise, knowledge and relationships which Terry and Craig Brissett enjoy with so many print businesses in Australia and New Zealand.”

“Brissett has a proud heritage and an enviable reputation for quality, service and expertise in this part of the world. Terry’s contribution to the industry, in particular, has been outstanding. We are absolutely delighted to be able to bring both he and Craig into the Böttcher fold.”

Both companies have Sydney-based headquarters. The team at Brissett’s Tempe plant and Böttcher’s headquarters in Castle Hill have already begun preparations for relocation, which will commence in the second half of October with an official handover date of November 1.

After a settling in period in the fourth quarter, the two manufacturing teams and processes will fully integrate into a combined operation on a new site at Smithfield, where the entire business will convert across to Böttcher’s manufacturing methods and compounds.

Mulligan says, “Over the next few weeks, Glenn Brissett (national manager-newspapers for Brissett Rollers) and I will visit customers around the country to explain the changes and the extended value we can deliver in more detail.

“We look forward to maintaining and growing our relationships with our customers across Australia and New Zealand, and we feel genuinely excited about the future.”

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