Usually, APM prefers flying under the radar. Business as usual means supplying machinery to printing companies without raising a fuss or pushing its own barrow.

However, the family-owned and operated company has spotted a gap in the local market, encouraging it to talk with New Zealand Printer about the Boomer 4 returning folding box gluer.

Alex Peters, managing director at APM, has seen his fair share of machinery come and go in a career spanning five decades. He believes the Hatten Boomer 4 returning folding box gluer stands out for its appeal to a range of packaging and print packaging companies.

He says, “We see companies operating in a quite complex and competitive business environment so anything they can do to develop an edge must help them. This machine will specifically benefit companies that are doing folding cartons plus on time print finishers.

“The Boomer 4 is aimed at increasing your productivity. It will appeal to companies wanting higher productivity from its quick job change-over combined with easy and simple maintenance. This machine will give a fast return on investment.

“If you can reduce downtime you can save on production costs. With this machine, you only need one operator instead of two or three because the machine returns on itself back to where the operator is running the die cut blanks. So a single operator can run the machine and collect the folded glued products at the feeder end of the machine.”

He says the machine makes a relatively quick study. He adds, “Once the machine is set, it becomes easy to operate. A single operator can run 18000-20000 sheets an hour.

Hatten, which makes the Boomer 4, already has a history here and with APM. Peters says, “We have done business with Hatten for 20 years and we have sold some of their other gear. Their big die cutters are quality equipment. We know Hatten and it has good product. Quite a few big companies already have Hatten equipment.”

He stresses that the Boomer 4 isn’t a cheap piece of equipment. He says, “It comes in as a decently priced machine, perhaps at the medium end of the market. Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating and there are three or four smaller operations here in New Zealand that will appreciate what the Boomer 4 can offer.”

At 5.8m long, the machine boasts a small footprint for a folding carton gluer. He says, “Normally it would double ion itself to about 10-11 metres so then you an operator at the start and the end. That’s the beauty of the return operation.”

With a reputation for expertise in the industry, APM can back up the equipment with technical staff. Peters says, “Having the right gear is the beginning but we also have the right guys with the right attitude. We take pride in what being highly skilled at what we do and we deliver on what we say we will. We are very old fashioned in that respect.”

Handling a diverse range of equipment in an ever changing business environment, gives APM the chance to help its custom ers grow their business.

One of New Zealand’s largest family-owned and operated print machinery dealers, APM handles deals globally with a focus on the New Zealand and Pacific region. The company employs expert skilled engineers and contractors so its customers receive full technical support.

APM has long-term relationships with customers, staff, and contractors. Peters says, “We see ourselves playing a part in the success of our customers, our staff and our contractors. We believe strongly that all those associated with APM should receive fair treatment. It is old fashioned and we are proud to offer this kind of service and support.”









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