Bobst has launched its K5 Expert, calling it the highest productivity metallizer in the world.
The launch took place at an open house at the Bobst Competence Centre. The company says the Bobst K5 Expert can run at speeds up to 1200mpm, available in widths from 2450mm to 3650mm and it can house increased roll diameters of up to 1270mm.
Bobst adds that the K5 Expert houses the largest coating drum in the industry at 700mm which, according to Bobst, improves collection efficiency by 16 per cent, meaning less aluminium consumption and increased boat life.
Design innovations include a redesigned evaporation source providing the widest coating window in the market, according to Bobst, which translates into better coating uniformity and collection efficiency, minimising aluminium wire waste.
It also offers an intuitive HMI screen and software interface. The new design allows the operator to control everything from the front of the machine and to occupy a position much closer to view the evaporation source and metallization process through the strobe window; Bobst has sited the new boat power controls in front of each boat.
Other features include an automatic sequential control system which speeds up start-up of the machine and low friction Ferrofluidic seals for better tension control on the rewind. It uses an Eco mode which reduces energy consumption by up to 50 per cent during stand-by and Film Save mode which has a synchronised faster shutter action and aluminium wire ramp up to minimise the amount of un-metallized film (waste) to less than 400m per roll.
As an option, the High Deposition (HD) source has an improved design for higher speed of operation for those metallization jobs that require a high deposition rate of up to 4.0 OD.

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