Trelleborg has announced the launch of a new metal-back offset blanket for newspaper printing: the Vulcan Metal Times.

The company says the new blanket offers a multitude of improved features and benefits, including a new structure that reduces heat generation during operation. It says the new design delivers better smash resistance and reduced stress at high indentation, particularly critical for demanding, long run, print jobs. The top compound of Vulcan Metal Times offers improved ink release, while also reducing the risk of ink build-up.

Cristiano Bettè, research and development director at Trelleborg’s printing solutions operation, says, “The technology surrounding the creation of metal-back offset blankets is extremely demanding, which is one of the reasons why only the industry’s leading manufacturers produce these sorts of products. Trelleborg has been a pioneer in this area for many years and this latest launch takes us into a new era of reliability and productivity.

“Vulcan Metal Times is suitable for use with all newspaper presses, including old and new models, and provides an even better performance over long runs than previous products. In countries such as India, there is often a requirement for a blanket to successfully print under extreme printing conditions and high ambient temperatures. In addition, the use of manual washing with aggressive chemicals means that the blanket’s top surface needs to be highly resistant to chemicals. We make this possible with the new Vulcan Metal Times.”

Vulcan Metal Times has a stainless steel base and a nominal thickness of 1.75mm without underpacking. The paper-feed quality is neutral/slightly positive and the ink compatibility is hybrid.

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