Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions has introduced two new series of car wrap films to enable printers to provide car enthusiasts with personalised colours.

The company says that, with the introduction of these two new series – the new Supreme Wrapping Film ColorFlow Series and the Transparent Coloured Overlaminates for Conform Chrome series – car wrappers can now add new visual effects and transform the car into a personalised masterpiece with colour shifting shades, while the three Transparent Coloured Overlaminates allow new colour combinations when used with the existing Conform Chrome films.

With the iridescent feature of these five new Supreme Wrapping Film colours, the film creates a visual effect of shifting colour spectrum when viewed from different angles.

These new colours have the attributes of the Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film portfolio which the company says gives performance with easy application and removability. The films also feature patented Avery Dennison Easy Apply RS technology, providing repositioning capability and high conformability. Avery says when applied over curves and corners, it further highlights the colour shifting effect of the film.

The Supreme Wrapping Film ColorFlow Series includes five new colours with a satin finish: Rising Sun (Red/Gold), Urban Jungle (Silver/Green), Roaring Thunder (Blue/Red), Fresh Spring (Gold/Silver) and Rushing Riptide (Cyan/Purple). The colour shifting, iridescent films feature the performance and conformability of all Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Films.

In addition to the ColorFlow series, Avery Dennison also announced the new Transparent Coloured Overlaminates for Conform Chrome Series. These Transparent Coloured Overlaminates are available in three distinct colours, orange, green and purple, to combine with the five existing Conform Chrome colours and create up to 15 new colours and shades.

According to Avery when paired with Conform Chrome films, the Transparent Coloured Overlaminates create more than just additional colour options, the films offer long term removability and protect the chrome films from being scratched or damaged. Also, with the patented Easy Apply RS feature of the Conform Chrome series, the films are easy to apply and repositionable which therefore allows installers to make correction during installation on the vehicle.

Visitors to Visual Impact, Sydney from September 15-17 can witness the car wrapping demonstration by Avery technical specialists, and see the two new car wrap products. 

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