Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions has strengthened its New Zealand distribution network with the appointment of Decrastrip as a new distributor for its premium range of architecture and automotive solar and safety window films.

Decrastrip joins Waikato-based Glasslines as distributors of Avery Dennison’s range of high performance, durable window films that enhance comfort, add safety and security and deliver real energy savings.

Jordan Leach, senior business manager for Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions in Australia and New Zealand, says, “Well being, security, energy saving, sun control and privacy are important considerations for building and vehicle owners in New Zealand. Avery Dennison is responding to our customers’ needs for innovative solutions that allow sign and print companies to expand their services to existing customers.”

Avery Dennison considers the addition of the solar and safety window films for architecture and automotive applications as the perfect addition to Decrastrip’s existing products to offer a broader range of solutions to customers throughout New Zealand. It adds that solar control films applied to windows, doors and skylights can filter up to 85 percent of solar radiation passing through the glass and reduce energy consumption from HVAC systems by up to 20 per cent without compromising on natural light transmission. Safety window films give security on glass doors or windows to hold shattered glass in place, thereby reducing the threat of injury and design films help architects and designers transform interior spaces.

Decrastrip has distributed Avery Dennison and Mactac films to the graphics and printing industry in New Zealand for over 20 years. Glasslines has provided a diverse range of glass and window film solutions to the market for over 30 years.

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