From its central city base, Auckland Copy Shop offers a range of print services based on its digital output.

Director and owner Kirabuke (Keyz) Mareko says, “Most of our work is small format digital, producing everything from flyers and business cards to brochures and booklets.

“He moved to New Zealand from Kiribati in the 1990s to attend high school at Lindisfarne College in Hawkes Bay. He says, “After high school, I completed a degree at AUT and then a post-graduate degree at the University of Auckland, qualifying as a computer engineer. I briefly returned to Kiribati for a holiday, and I was fortunate to help my family’s company, training the staff in IT.

“My father has a print shop, and I was always interested in connecting IT with printing. From my university days, I had a friend who went on to work for the Konica Minolta New Zealand reseller at that time. He helped me out with technology for the Kiribati business and that is when I got to know the Konica Minolta Engineers.

“I returned to New Zealand and started Auckland Copy Shop in 2011. We have used Konica Minolta solutions from the beginning. Our first machines were a bizhub Pro 1050 for black and white and a bizhub Pro C650 colour machine.”

However, Keyz wanted to further his aspirations in engineering. He explains, “While I love the printing, I am a trained engineer and I have always had a desire to make use of my degree working in IT.

“About six years ago, I had the good luck to employ a high school student, Parth Patel, as a part-timer. He had arrived in Aotearoa in 2016 to study at the University of Auckland, where he also gained a degree in computer engineering. Parth is now a permanent New Zealand resident and has taken over as general manager at Auckland Copy Shop, allowing me to work as a computer engineer.”

Production ramps up

In January, Auckland Copy Shop installed an AccurioPress C4070 printer, updating its technology and continuing its successful partnership with Konica Minolta.

Parth Patel says, “We only needed a few hours training on it, and we were up and running. We were already familiar with Konica Minolta technology but the AccurioPress C4070 has so many more functions than the older models. Even so, all our staff members can operate the AccurioPress C4070, which currently runs eight hours a day and five days a week.

The AccurioPress C4070 has increased production at Auckland Copy Shop. Parth continues, “The AccurioPress C4070 is a real time-saver. We used to complete our finishing work manually, but we now have the trimmer unit and bookletmaker. We are putting so much more work through, all as finished product.

“Prior to getting the AccurioPress C4070, we could only do a 40-page booklet, but now we can produce a 120-page booklet. Also, we could only do A4 or A5 books, but the bookletmaker enables us to produce anything from A6 up to landscape.”

He is also impressed with the accuracy and colour management the AccurioPress C4070 delivers. He adds, “The print quality we get from the machine is excellent and all automated from the IQ unit, which is great. We used to have to do colour calibration twice a day and now that is all done automatically. Also, the double-sided printing is incredibly accurate.”

Auckland Copy Shop will increase its output even further. Parth says, “We are in the process of increasing the workload for the C4070 because we are taking over another copy shop. Right now, we have the basic engine in the AccurioPress C4070, but we may upgrade it in the future.

Both Parth and Keyz enjoy the association with Konica Minolta. Keyz says, “We are definitely sticking with Konica Minolta. We know the team well, and they are easy for us to work with. It is important to have confidence in the service and support we need. We love doing this.

“I am also thrilled that Parth has grown so well into his role at Auckland Copy Shop. He does everything from customer service to accounting and production as well as helping me with sales decisions. I just provide cover when he needs time off.

Now married, with an 18-month-old daughter, Parth adds, “I love it here in New Zealand. The people are friendly, and Auckland Copy Shop is a great place to work.”

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