Recently, B&F Papers installed an Atlas Titan SR800 Slitter Rewinder at its Takanini premises.

The machine arrived at B&F Papers last August and commissioning was completed in October.

Les Atkinson, national manager rolls at B&F Papers, says, “In an effort to bring an unparalleled level of flexibility to New Zealand narrow web printers, B&F papers made the decision to invest in this highly spec’d asset, which I saw as both wise and bold.

“B&F Papers wanted to expand further into the roll sector, and in order to do that, we needed the equipment to provide the highest level of service to our customers. We therefore needed a winder that would bring a new level of quality and speed to the roll sector.”

“That piece of equipment is the 2m wide Atlas Titan SR800.”

Penelope Savidan, managing director B&F Papers, says “We are pleased to be bringing new suppliers of new products to our existing customers, as well as expanding our customer base to include roll-fed printers and label producers.

“It’s an exciting opportunity for us to service the market with high quality slit rolls, cut to standard or custom widths.”

B&F Papers has previously distributed Lecta’s roll products and Eurotak self-adhesive but the company was reliant on trade service.

Atkinson says, “We had fantastic support from our trade suppliers and we remain eternally grateful to them”.

“It was a natural progression for B&F Papers to want to graduate further into narrow web with a desire to offer Lecta’s full range of roll products into the forms and roll label sectors.

“Since taking this decision, distinctive products from ArjoBex (Polyart), Wausau, PMC, Stone Paper (Rockstock), and more recently, Jet Technologies laminating films have been added to the B&F portfolio.”

Who will need the service that the Atlas SR800 offers? He explains, “For narrow web users, it is more a question of providing new and higher levels of flexibility. Roll label printers will see fast turnaround and supreme tension consistency.

“In addition, there are new frontiers for us in flexible packaging, tag, digital technology, and laminating, which all require narrow web substrates.”

He believes the Atlas Titan SR800, which is the only dual shaft 2m wide machine in New Zealand, offers B&F Papers customers a superior product. He says, “Our asset has a servo rewind and servo unwind which means the quality of the tension remains constant through the roll. This delivers efficiency and production times that benefit our customers. Built into the machine are a raft of technological advancements that make it an ideal fit for the local industry.”

“For example, we can gain huge efficiencies because parent rolls are wider. Another big benefit for our customers is its capability to handle such a large variety of substrates, with our rotary or razor knife technology we can cut films as low as 10um in calliper, all at a high level of accuracy helped by the knife set digital display.”

Consistent quality

ATLAS says the Titan SR800 features the latest mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic and computer control technology to assure converters of consistent, high quality rewind reels, with improved levels of sustainability, productivity and easy job repeatability.

It can cut down to 10 micron films and as high as 350 micron board.

Atkinson says, “We are really thrilled with the results it is providing and we will continue to improve our overall service in 2018 because of this asset. In a nutshell: we can provide rolls; we can slit them; and we can do that quickly and economically.”

This installation marks the beginning of a broadening of portfolios for B&F Papers.

Current director, and former managing director, Barry Tripp says “We have been successful in our core sheet market in both New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. It was a natural progression for us to move further into the rolls sector and we are very happy with the performance of the Atlas Titan.”

Atkinson adds, “As a family-owned, one hundred per cent New Zealand company, B&F Papers understands the local market and works continuously to improve its service to our customers. This initiative forms part of our overall strategy to help move the industry forward.”

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