Agfa Graphics has updated its Arziro security printing software, releasing new versions of two elements within the system for the general security printing market.
The company says Arziro Design 3.0 offers new security design features and integration with Arziro Authenticate 2.0, the updated version of Agfa’s encrypted distribution platform.
Andy Grant, global head of software at Agfa Graphics, says, “With Arziro Design 3.0, users have the ability to develop extremely complex designs quickly and easily through a dedicated plugin.
“On Mac or PC, users can smoothly work in the latest versions of Adobe Illustrator, enriching designs with customized security elements and using new tools and functions that aid in creating even more unique and complex security graphics. The upgrade also includes a brand-new module connecting it seamlessly with Arziro Authenticate as well as Arziro Plus, an advanced module for governments and security printers.”
Agfa says counterfeiting continues to rise and claims the Arziro system can outsmart forgers and streamline the design process and production workflows of certificates, breeder documents, security cards, labels, stamps, vouchers, tickets, and packages. The newest upgrade offers full integration with Arziro Authenticate 2.0 as well as enhanced compatibility and functionality.
The company says Arziro Authenticate 2.0 adds a deeper layer of safety and security to the design sharing process by combining a dynamically generated QR code with a secure graphic. Anybody can check the authenticity of a design, document or solution by scanning its code via a smartphone, enabling at the same time the product owner to receive user data in the process.
Arziro Authenticate 2.0 includes additional functionality for driving customer engagement, e-commerce and supply chain management and the possibility to create hybrid codes. For these hybrid codes, the security elements are printed in offset, flexo, or gravure and the serialisation elements are printed during a separate process with a digital printer such as an industrial inkjet printer.
Grant adds, “Totally integrable with Arziro Design 3.0, this upgrade of Arziro Authenticate is so much more than a secure authentication solution. It comes with new alert functionality, incorporates Google Analytics tools and supports hybrid codes and even more supply chain management tags that can be customised according to intended markets or distributors. Even more, businesses can benefit from the rich data available to them through the Arziro SaaS server.”
The premium version of Arziro is only available to certified security printers and governmental departments. Arziro Plus comes with a new module, which generates new elements based on one or more selected elements with specific line distances and line weights, for even more design possibilities. Agfa says Arziro Plus enables greater control of the output and printability of the designs, as well as advanced efficiency-enhancing functionalities.
Grant says, “Arziro is a dedicated solution for the general security market, which is inspired by Fortuna, Agfa Graphics’ high security design solution. The complete Arziro security design ecosystem adds several new facets to the concept of state-of-the-art document security, using it not only to protect assets and information, but also to drive your business.”

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