Aldus Engineering has launched Kingston Data System’s new range of Visi-tech iSeries web inspection cameras.

The iSeries system comes with a high magnification optical zoom lens, which Aldus says stands out from competitors offerings and is ideal for a basic web viewing system, a highly functional programmable system or a new high speed machine.

Aldus says, “Every part of the iSeries system is built to the highest standard and with the highest specification in its class, so the client can choose from a selection of cameras, traverse mechanisms, controls, software and advanced options knowing that they will get a top quality inspection system that suits almost any inspection requirement.”

Iain Guanaria, managing director of Aldus Engineering says, “We have been working with KDS for the past 12 months. Customers will receive significant benefits by implementing their systems.”

There are three models in the new iSeries, the i20, i40 and i80. The i20 is suitable for labels printers due to its specially designed light chamber and fixed 90 degree camera rotation which achieves a 130 by 100mm field of view in a compact size.

The i40 is a Dual Strobe camera ideal for wide web or label printers. It comes with a rotatable camera orientation 130 by 100mm field of view and dual colour corrected xenon strobes.

The i80 is best suited for high quality wide web inspection. It offers the user an extended 190 by 150mm field of view highlighted by Quad xenon strobes.

The company says, “When combined with a user friendly touchscreen and iSeries pro software, the i80 Pro will satisfy the most demanding inspection needs.”

All KDS vision systems are manufactured in Australia with servicing and spares supported by Aldus.

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