stralian Graphic Servicing (AGS) signs an exclusive dealership agreement with Beijing Founder Electronics (Founder), covering Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific.

Founder produces integrated pre-press/workflow, ElecRoc, which AGS says competes with the big boys, without the big price.

Andrew Dunn, pre-press business development manager, AGS says, “It integrates perfectly into the factory. It can interface with the presses, pre-press, proofing.

“It is well priced, both at entry level, and scaled up to be more sophisticated. You can run a one-stop shop off one computer. It is flexible, for example when you are picking which features you need, you do not have to buy 20 modules, you can instead buy three. We can scale it for your exact purposes.

“Unlike other companies, we sell the software either bundled with consumables, as an up front discounted cost, or as a subscription, wherein once the full cost of the software is paid, it is yours.

“It is well priced because the company that makes it is based in Beijing. They feed the massive Chinese print market of 100,000 printers, compare that to Australia which has roughly 4,000. Founder is a massive company that has been making software for the past 25 years. It is now branching out into the world, with its biggest markets in Spain in Australia.

“The software can interface with Kodak, Fuji, Screen, and many other CTP systems.”

AGS says ElecRoc provides all the functionality needed for job management, integrated JDF/PDF creation, preflight, trapping, imposition, PDF colour management, 3D preview, EcoInk, hi-fi printing, PDF compare, cooperative task management, load balancing, zone screen, CIP4 ink control, advanced screening, colour/screen proofing, remote proofing, and output device support.

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