Agfa Graphics says it will promote the integration of print in manufacturing at Milan’s InPrint 2016 technology fair later this month.
The company will display a selection of digitally printer industrial products such as printed tubes and cans, customised shoes and chairs, personalized PET bottles and containers. The company wants to position itself as a partner for integrating print into manufacturing processes, saying that introducing digital print in manufacturing contributes to just-in-time delivery and personalised or variable content, in an environment-friendly and sustainable way.
It sees the list of applications for industrial inkjet growing across a range variety of industries. Tom Cloots, marketing manager for industrial inkjet at Agfa, says, “More and more industrial customers enjoy the advantages of digital printing and the availability of a process or solution that integrates print in their manufacturing set-up.
“These applications can either be made with state-of-the-art wide-format printers or require specific printing equipment that needs to be custom-designed. Agfa partners with multiple OEM inkjet system integrators who develop customized print systems that comprise either Agfa Graphics’ single-pass or multi-pass inkjet inks, tuned to match specific application needs.
“The application reach is enormous and the requirements are very diverse. Case by case, we partner with project teams, develop new ink formulations and offer our expertise in software to make it all happen.”

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