Agfa Graphics has upgraded its Jeti Mira printer, adding UV LED curing to the list of the machine’s capabilitiies.

Michale Culver, inkjet sales manager for Agfa Oceania, sees LED as a future technology. He says, “This is the first LED solution to come into the Jeti printer range.” He adds that Agfa plans two more printer launches next year..

Agfa marketing product manager, sign and display high-end Reinhilde Alaert says the Jeti Mira comes with a number of economical, ecological and business-generating benefits. He says, “LEDs have minimal heat output, for example, which allows for a broader scope of print applications. They also ensure very stable bi-directional calibration, high productivity, significant power savings and consistent output over the lifetime of the system. This all leads to a greater return on investment.”

Agfa says the UV LED inks can print on heat-sensitive substrates such as thin slides, self-adhesive sheets and stretchable PVC materials.

The Jeti Mira has 2.69m wide prints, print and prepare functionality, a dockable roll-to-roll option, two table versions, speed up to 231sqm per hr, six colour, white colour standard, highly-pigmented UV inks and two rows of fast-firing Ricoh inkjet print heads.

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