Flint Group has launched an adapter, for use in flexographic printing presses and on plate-mounting equipment, for quicker and easier sleeve mounting.

The rotec Eco Bridge has a breathable metal ring at the operator side which creates an air pillow to allow easy and fast mounting of sleeves. Flint Group says that typical adapters have only four to eight air stream holes to help mount the sleeves. In comparison, the rotec Eco Bridge forms a ring of air across the entire circumference of the adapter.

The company says the rotec Eco Bridge can achieve the same results as a standard adapter with 90 per cent less air volume (50-70l/min as opposed to 720l/min) and the required pressure can sometimes be reduced. It adds that a working rotec Eco Bridge produces decibel levels a little over normal room noise (< 60 dB) compared to a typical adapter set-up at ≥ 85 dB.

Robert Adler, Flint Group Director of Sales for North America says, “I believe this will become a new standard of our industry.” 

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