Aarque Group has announced its appointment as the exclusive New Zealand distributors of the Summa F Series range of award winning digital flatbed cutters.

Jason Bult, chief executive officer at Aarque Group, says “Understandably, this is an exciting addition to the range of finishing options on offer at Aarque.

“Having seen the F Series in action at Fespa 2018 and witnessing the intense interest from the crowds there, I firmly believe that the range should and will be on the radar of every business looking to expand and simplify their in-house finishing processes.

“We encourage those attending the Sign Expo 2018 in Auckland to come along to our stand and witness for themselves the potential benefit of the Summa F Series for their business.”

Aarque says the Summa F Series digital flatbed cutting systems are based on 30 years of experience, producing innovative signage, packaging, displays and routing applications on a wide range of sheeted, rigid and roll stock. It cites quality cutting, utmost durability and maximum tool modularity within a user friendly working operation as some of the key features of the Summa F Series. The range to date consists of four models ranging in size from 1600mm x 1200mm to 2650mm x 3050mm.

Wim Maes, chief commercial officer and executive director for Summa, says, “At Summa, we believe in the values of reliability, high-quality solutions & impeccable customer service.

“We want these values to reflect in our partners. As the exclusive Summa F Series partner in New Zealand, we have no doubt that Aarque Group will represent these values perfectly. Together, we will provide the New Zealand market with high quality Summa solutions and dedicated customer service from Aarque. Summa looks forward to fulfilling customers’ needs for a reliable and quality finishing solution.”

Aarque says that, with the F Series, Summa offers a cutting product line based on 30 years of expertise. These advanced engineered flatbed cutting tables can cut sheet and rigid materials as well as roll stock.

For media handling, it uses pneumatically-driven media advance clamps to hold the material down while pulling it forward in order to work continuously in panels or multiple jobs. A vacuum pump with a sound absorber holds the material in place during the job while the selector adjusts the vacuum automatically to match the working area. The conveyor system and media supply rollers allow the cutting and creasing of large lengths of flexible material to large production runs.

The F Series cutters use a multifunctional head that holds up to three modules at one time. The central unit houses a positioning laser and an integrated camera system for fast and accurate contour-cutting mark recognition.

Barcode workflow automatically identifies the job to obtain the necessary cutting data from the computer.A built-in camera scans the job automatically. When put into safety mode, the machine settings can be securely adjusted. A laser beam system surrounds the table and controls the motion area. The unit can then work safely, using full speed while in production mode.

Axis Control software gives the operator full control over Summa’s cutting table. Using the supplied wireless controller, the operator can move around the table while changing basic settings.

The Automated Depth Control (ADC) simplifies tool, knife or bit changes significantly. The ADC measures the tip of the knife or bit accurately and sets the down position of the tool to the level of the table, which ensures the operator can use the best settings to obtain optimal cut quality.

SummaFlex Pro, a front end application software offers job preparation, post processor and import plug-ins for CAD and illustration software. The software integrates the F Series the workflow so SummaFlex can provide the link between design, RIP, printers, and the cutting table.

Aarque will show the Summa F Series F1612 at the NZ Sign Expo, which takes place from June 14-15 at the ASB Showgrounds.

The company will also have the F Series F1612 at  Aarque Head Office Showroom located in Henderson, Auckland.

Aarque invites any interested parties to contact Steve Wilton-Jones, national equipment manager for Aarque, on steve.wilton-jones@aarque.co.nz to arrange a demonstration.

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