Durst Group has won a record number of Printing United Awards in the USA.

The company received awards in seven categories and its subsidiary Vanguard Digital also secured a gong to make a total of eight accolades across the Durst Group.

The awards cover Durst Group’s innovations in large format printing, packaging, automation, and software solutions categories. Durst says these remarkable awards affirm the group’s ability to offer cutting-edge digital printing technologies.

Durst describes the award-winning solutions:

P5 350 HS D4 – an LFP printing system that offers exceptional speed and precision in production. It is perfect for high-volume operations.

P5 350 HS – represents outstanding image quality and versatility in large format printing. State-of-the-art technology combines with precise colour reproduction.

P5 Robotics – integrates innovative robotic technology into the printing process. It achieves seamless workflow automation and optimisation of production capacity.

P5 500 – offers a wide range of applications in wide-format printing with a five-metre print width. It stands out with high production speeds and exceptional quality.

P5 Tex – a machine specifically designed for textile printing. It allows impressive colour reproduction on various textiles.

Delta SPC 130 – a digital printing system for corrugated cardboard applications. This system revolutionises packaging printing with high efficiency and flexibility.

Durst Smart Shop – a software solution that enables true web to print functionality. It provides seamless integration of ordering, production and delivery.

Christoph Gamper, chief executive officer and co-owner of Durst Group, says, “Under the motto of ‘Production Excellence’, we offer solutions that provide our customers with real production ease, quality, and speed. This drives the advancement of digital printing, offering a win-win proposition.

“The impressive tally of eight awards powerfully underscores the dedication of each member of the Durst family and our mission to deliver top-notch solutions and genuine value to our customers and partners.”

The company adds that the eight Printing United Awards reaffirm the Durst Group’s position as a trailblazer in the industry. Also, it confirms Durst’s capability to develop groundbreaking technologies that define the standards of the printing industry.

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